Thursday, December 10, 2015

Feeling Good

               I haven't written anything since the first of the month so I figured I'd do that today. Today is a rest day for me, which means no exercise and no cardio. For the month of December I started a 30 day yoga challenge so I'll do today's session along with a ten minute walk, but other than that it's just rest and recover.

               I'm still on track with what, when and how I eat and it's constantly exciting because we're trying so many new things. From spices to specific foods to whole dishes, our weeks always have something new in them culinarily speaking.

               As for my walking, yesterday I did my second 6000 foot walk. It was great! I did it about 8 minutes faster than last week and I was way less tired than the last time as well. I think next week or the week after I may bump it up to 6500 feet. I'm still planning on completing a 5k walk on or before the last day of Spring 2016 and it feels like I'm well on track for that.

               Overall things are going well, I'm feeling so much better than I have in years and we're getting out more and exploring places we've not been to. We've signed up for a 100 mile state park challenge where we walk a cumulative 100 miles in West Virginia's state parks. We're already making plans for new parks, more camping and hiking trips and just more general outdoors stuff. 100 miles is a lofty goal but we want to see how many miles we can clock in the parks over the course of a year.

               Ok, I think that's enough torture with my mundanery(is that even a real word?). I will release you of this turmoil and wish you a happy, meaningful and accomplished Today.

               Keep doing what you can until you can do what you couldn't before.

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