Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Numbers Don't Lie

               As I am with every weigh-in and measure, I was apprehensive about this one. I didn't physically feel different, and to me I didn't look any different either. I also know what I did, or rather didn't do, this past month diet and exercise related. However, any feelings of doubt or reservation seems to have been in vain because the numbers tell a different story.

               I measured my waist 3 times to make sure the numbers were correct, because as I mentioned above I didn't feel as though I'd made any progress. But the "tale of the tape" had a different story. I lost another 2 1/4 inches from my belly and I dropped an additional 2 pounds of overall weight. Again, I don't believe this weight loss is muscle due to things still getting tighter on me, (that I CAN see and feel) more defined and even bigger in some cases. So I can only assume that the weight loss is in fat. I mean, obviously I dropped fat as the belly is smaller, but the weight shows a drop as well.

So over all I'm extremely happy with today's numbers and honestly a little surprised. But hey, I'll take them and gladly not complain about them. lol

Ok, that's it for this weigh and measure. I hope you have a meaningful Today and I want you to remember something throughout your day and week; You CAN do what you set your mind to do. But you need to start before you can finish.

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