Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The March Tale Of the Tape

               First thing this morning before heading out the door was to weigh and measure myself; and I'm happy to say that I saw losses in both areas. For the month of February I lost another three pounds of body weight and another half inch off of my waist. Today marks six months of me actively trying to lose weight through a better diet and better physical activity. So for the six months I've lost a total of 15 pounds and 5 inches off of my waist. I am EXTREMELY happy with that!

               Not only have I lost weight and inches but I've also gained distance. On October 17th of last year I walked my first full mile, post-wheelchair. This past weekend I doubled that distance with a trail hike with my girls. And I'll be honest, trail miles are a lot longer than track miles. lol

               I feel great! I'm loving the direction my life is going right now with my mobility, my becoming a Community Captain for Active Southern West Virginia and an Ambassador for the Move It Monday organization. I'm also getting my daughter more active with archery, strength training and self defense as well as challenging others to walk 31 miles with me this month in the "31 Miles In March" walking challenge.

               This has definitely been a learning experience both in nutrition and exercise and it continues to be. As I see what works best for me and what doesn't I'm better able to tailor my diet and activity to what best suites ME instead of trying a cookie cutter approach and constantly failing. This way I learn and grow as I need to, not as someone else tells me I need to, and That has made this experience 100 times more enjoyable for me.

               Well me friends, that's it for now, as I've mentioned I'd still like to update this blog more regularly than once a month and so that will be something else I will strive for in the next six months of this journey.

               Until then I wish you peace, happiness, success, hope and light. Namaste.

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